We are family of five heading on our adventures on our boat. To where? Not exactly sure, but we will provide our plans as we go.

We have 3 children – Marco, Mei and Makai ages 9, 7 & 6. I must warn all of you that English is not my native language (mom talking), nor it is language #2,3 I learned. So forgive me any mistakes, but with some imagination you should be able to understand.

About 5 years ago my husband came up to me with this crazy idea about going sailing. I had no idea how to do that, but I agreed. We set our date for the departure as November 2017 and we almost made it except this hurricane season didn’t cooperate with us.  Our boat is now in need of repairs, but our date was set and our house have sold so we are leaving anyway in camper. We hope to see you all on the water sometimes after April 2018!