What happened to the Troncalli’s?

After leaving Canada we headed down to Georgia to unpack and repack. This was our final packing to bring all of our stuff on the boat. We said goodbyes to our family and friends, which was tougher than I thought it would be. The thing is we will be back at some point at least for visit.

We left for Ft. Lauderdale area about 3 weeks ago thinking 2 weeks, max 3 weeks and we will be moving on our boat. We are over the 3 weeks and it had not happen yet. It just seems like that nothing goes per schedule in marine repairs world. And nothing runs on budget either. I have read a lot about marine repairs from other owners and just hoped we will get lucky and in the end we may have, just not the standard I would hope for. We are only 2 months past our original estimates and about a week later for our recent estimates to be done with all repairs. Our boat has received a new rigging, new barrier coat and bottom paint, new solar, all the engines got maintenance done, rails replaced, repaired, windows, hatches replaced………and lots of other things that can’t even be listed. Brent had spent almost every day on the boat, which was very difficult. Our boat is out of the water in boat yard for repairs. Boat yards are not that great environment especially in sunny hot Florida. He wasn’t able to run the A/C because it requires raw water intake. So working in hulls of hot catamaran in Florida heat was strenuous. He was coming home completely exhausted, but the experience of being there and learning about the our boat was priceless. Lots of times it was quite stressful and depressing as it seemed where ever we turned or flip a switch, something new had to be fixed or tended to. We know there will be more to tend to and fix/replace and it is never ending story on a boat. I have recently listened to a podcast of family from Sweden that sailed around the world in 4 years. They have talked about that we can expect every single equipment on the boat to cause us some problems and needing fixing/ replacement if we are out there for couple of years. Year ago I would thought that this might be exaggerated, but I think I changed my mind. A lot of boat owners claim to spend 10% of the boat cost on yearly maintenance and I think they might be right. All depends how much of it we will do and how much we hire contractors to do for us. I just hope this major overhaul will keep the maintenance cost at lower rate for at least year or two. That said we are nearing the end of the repairs and I can see glimpses of the beauty our Walden is.

We are moving on Walden this week! It will probably be Friday and Saturday. If you read this post and it is well past Friday, it just means I was superstitious to post this in time of writing this blog post. I am excited, or not…. we got pretty comfortable living in campgrounds around America. And now we are moving on the boat. What were we thinking? Over last couple of weeks we learned that things will break on boat often. We will be fixing/ replacing items all the time. RV repairs are mostly fracture of the coast of the boat repairs. We know RVing and are comfortable. Sailing? Not so much. Yet we are excited and scarred in the same time. We will tackle it one step at the time.

The plan is to sail off on Wednesday June 27th if weather permits. We are hiring captain to help us for week or so to sail North towards Chesapeake Bay. We will go as far as we need to to escape from the upcoming hurricane danger. I expect our next longer stop to be somewhere in North Carolina like Charleston or Beaufort.

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