The Plans

So we had the Plan, well we had one for a while. All this started just over 5-6 years ago when my husband stumbled on the blog/website for the bumfuzzle family who were traveling around the world first by themselves and later with 2 children. They sailed or motored from place to place in a sailboat they purchased and knew nothing about. Brent followed them for few months before he presented this idea to me. I started with old posts and quickly went ahead. At first I thought this was a crazy idea. The more I read and the more other sailing families blogs I visited the more I felt it’s not so crazy. (Now as we sold our house, business and most of our possessions I think “crazy” was the right word😉)

Five years ago Brent wrote on a yellow sticky note our tentative departure date as November 2017 and we almost made it. Why did we do that? The blogs and advices we read said that you need to put down a date, otherwise it may not happen, so we did. A few things (actually a lot of them) had to come together for us to be able to do so and we are thankful that it all worked out.

So the Plan was to move on our boat right after Christmas. That was all good until hurricane Irma came around in September and decided to hit our boat, Walden, with 225mph winds and did some fairly major damage.

So here is Plan B – we moved in the camper and we’ll spend our time on the road for the next few months until our boat is fixed.

Currently we are in Lafayette Louisiana. We spent our first few days saying goodbyes to our friends in Gulf Shores Alabama. Tomorrow we will be going on a Swamp tour.

We have also started homeschooling. I will let you all know how I feel about it later. I just wish I had more background in teaching as some of these things I have to re-learn first.

Go Dawgs! Yep Marco was pretty excited last night when Georgia beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.

Below are a Couple of families we follow:

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